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Saturday, 18 August 2018

The easiest and fastest way to share text, images and online content

The easiest and fastest way to share text, images, and online content

JustPaste Easily Share Text Online Hindi
Are you in a hurry? And do you want a quick and easy way to share text and images with other people using a simple link?

Here is an easy way to share texts and images with Anonymous and without making an account.

just paste it:

You can use the website "Just Paste It" completely for free, in which you can publish your notes with the images.

After publishing the link that lets you easily share.

With JustPaste you can upload and share almost anything in the form of text and images; Websites, notes, articles, ideas, snippets of code, recipes and more.

You do not need an account to publish anything, and there are no ads to disturb you on this site.

The interface is easy to use and it loads quickly even on the Slow Internet connection. In it, you can easily create text and images, edit and publish. Thankfully, you can also copy paste the contents of the word processor or another website here and paste it while retaining its formatting. You can upload 20 MB size images in the free version.


When you go to the homepage of the site, you get an empty canvas with various formatting toolbars, where you can write or paste it. These tools help you control many aspects of your notes like font size, alignment, bullets, and color.

You can add images, hyperlinks, and text with simple and simultaneous special formatting. Errors can be reversed by using the undo and redo buttons.

JustPaste Easily Share Text Online Hindi
The right side has a "sidebar" where you can create a custom page name, upload a photo, and import the file.

JustPaste Easily Share Text Online Hindi
Once you have created your own document and click on "Publish," you will see some links for this page. Along with this, there are also "Edit Note Link" here, from which you can edit this link.

JustPaste Easily Share Text Online Hindi
PasteIt automatically creates a link to your published article. There is a long link, and a small link which is useful for sharing on email or social media sites. Or, you can also create a custom page name

Below the webpage, you also have a link to save as a PDF.


If you are looking for a great way to share text, images, and embedded videos with others, is definitely a web-service that you should test.

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