Are somebody behind you accessing your files? So Canary will tell you

Are you worried that someone behind you opens a folder on your PC? Or open the web site you do not want? Or open a Word or PDF file?
Are somebody behind you accessing your files? So Canary will tell you
Your answer to all these questions may be "I do not hope". But you certainly can not be sure. And this is where Canarytokens comes to your work.
Canarytokens:If you are not familiar with Canary's ideas as an early warning system, then its origin was in coal mining. Miners used to take a small bird (usually a canary) in a cage. If the mine was filled with hazardous gas, and an explosion or suffocating condition would have happened, then Canary quickly died. This miner got a warning and they got the time to get out of the area safely.
Nowadays, of course, electronic detectors are used instead of caged birds, but the names are still the same.
Whenever someone accesses a web URL, email address, document file, PDF file or folder on your PC, this action will immediately trigger a canary token.
The server will then notify the owner of the canary token by an e-mail that somebody tried to access it.
So why is it useful? Imagine that you keep your files on Dropbox. You suspect that someone else has guessed your password and is looking at your files, but you can not prove it. Create a canary token as a Word document and put it in your Dropbox folder. If someone accesses that file, you will receive an email with the person's IP address who tried to access it.
Equally, if you have a password-protected area of ​​your website that is only for your personal use, then enter a Canary Token HTML file there. If someone tries to access that page, you will be notified. And if you have an email address database, create an email address that is actually a canary token and add it to your database. If someone steals a database and tries to send an email to that canary address, you will know.
To get token:
Making a canary token is really easy, fun and free.
Go to this site
First select your token.
Enter your email address. (This is used only to notify you when the token is triggered, this mail is not used for any other purpose.)
Now select when this token should be triggered. For example, if you have chosen to trigger when accessing the folder above, enter the path to that folder here and enter the web URL if selected for the web site.
Click on Generate Token to get your token.
Then download it.
Unzip this file in the folder. Save this copy of token to anywhere on your PC.
Now just wait for the trigger, you will receive an email at this point.
If present, the user's network of users browsing the alert will include the domain and username.
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