Benefits of Paytm KYC | Why Paytm KYC is important

Benefits of Paytm KYC  Why Paytm KYC is important

Hii Friend's Today we will talk about Benefits of Paytm KYC | Why Paytm KYC is important.

According to the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), KYC Verification is required in the mobile wallet (like Paytm). KYC (Know Your Customer) verification identifies the identity and address of the customer. According to RBI guidelines, if you do not complete KYC verification in the mobile wallet, you will not be able to take full advantage of your mobile wallet (like Paytm).

For KYC Verification, the Government of India recognizes the Aadhar Card as the necessary documents. However, you can also give your KYC Verification from PAN Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Ration Card etc. Documents.

What are the benefits of doing KYC Verification in Paytm?

After getting KYC verified to Paytm, you become a Paytm KYC customer. And having the full KYC-verified Paytm user has the following advantages.
1.) You can keep up to one lakh rupees in your Paytm Wallet with unlimited monthly spending.
2.) You can send money from your Paytm Wallet to another wallet or bank account.
3.) You can open an account in Paytm Payments Bank.
4.) You get more offers of Special Offers and Cashback.

What will happen if not KYC Verification in Paytm?

1.) If you are not getting KYC verified to Paytm, you are a Paytm Non-KYC user.
2.) There is a limit of Rs 10000 for your monthly expenditure and Wallet.
3.) You will not be able to send money from your Paytm Wallet to any other Wallet and bank account.
4.) The full KYC-verified Paytm user who receives the offer will not be able to take them.

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