What is CMOS?

CMOS in Hindi! What are CMOS

When you change your BIOS configuration, the settings are not stored on the BIOS chip. Instead, they are placed on a special memory chip, which is called "CMOS".

Like RAM chips, your BIOS settings are styled using a CMOS process that stores the chip. There is a low size data store, usually 256 bytes.

What type of disk drives are installed on your computer in CMOS chip, the current date and time of your system clock, and the information of the boot sequence of your computer?

CMOS is like a small RAM in which all BIOS information is stored so that the computer can remember this information every time the computer restart or power is on.

Full Form of CMOS:

CMOS - Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor

What is a CMOS Battery?
What is CMOS Battery?
CMOS Battery
CMOS batteries are small and they attach directly to the motherboard.

CMOS is usually given power by a CR2032 cell battery, called a CMOS battery.

CMOS Battery Stores Data?

CMOS does not store battery data. CMOS battery ensures that the CMOS chip, which stores data, gets power even when the computer is switched off.

Its primary function is to keep the clock running in the running, even when the computer is closed.

Other Names For CMOS:

Where CMOS is alternatively called a Real-Time Clock (RTC), Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) or CMOS RAM. CMOS is a short form of the Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.

CMOS Battery Life:

What is the life of CMOS battery?
Standard Life of CMOS Battery is about 10 years. However, this can vary depending on the usage and annulment in which the computer remains.

Why CMOS Battery Is Important?

To power CMOS on a computer, each computer has a small battery on the motherboard.

Even when the computer is completely off, the CMOS battery provides power to the CMOS chip so that it can hold the data.

CMOS chip stores your computer's disk drive, date and time, so CMOS should never fail.

 What Happen When CMOS Battery Fails?
If CMOS battery fails, then every time you turn on your computer, the BIOS settings will be reset and you have to set your BIOS again.

Your computer will work but everything in your BIOS, such as boot sequence, and date and time and other functions will be reset.

How I Know If My CMOS Battery Is Failing?
If the CMOS battery fails, then the computer does not remember the correct date and time after the computer is switched off. For example, when you turn on your computer, your computer's date and time will be quite old.

What is the difference between BIOS and CMOS?
Both the term BIOS and CMOS refer to the required part of your computer's motherboard.


BIOS, or "Basic Input / Output System", has a special firmware stored in the chip on your computer's motherboard. This is the first program that runs on your computer every time.

BIOS performs a POST, which initializes and tests your computer's hardware. Then it finds and runs your bootloader, or loads your operating system directly.

What is BIOS In Computers? And how does it work?

How BIOS and CMOS Work Together:
How BIOS and CMOS work together:

BIOS also has a computer chip on the motherboard like CMOS, except that its purpose is to communicate between other hardware components like processor and hard drive, USB port, sound card, video card and more.

Without the BIOS, the computer will not be able to understand how all these components will work together.

CMOS also has a computer chip on the motherboard, or more specifically a RAM chip, which means it will normally lose the setting that stores it when the computer is off.

When the computer first boots, the BIOS imports the hardware settings, data, and timelines to understand the information from CMOS.
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