Computer Error Beep With Meaning - If the computer only has the voice of the beep is RA. And if there is a computer no display, then there may be problems like RAM, display card, simos etc. What type of beep is it for you? Have to understand
Most computers have a program of displaying malfunction by sound or beep when the system is defective. This program maker is stored in bios in Rome by the company. This makes it easy to identify computer malfunction.
If there is a piece of the computer in the computer or the computer does not work, just hear sound sounds.
This beep is a kind of error code in reality, the coding of them is different according to the bios chip in the motherboard.

 Identifying the problem in the computer by beep.
AMI Bios Chip Error Beep Coding

A beep
If the beep comes only once, it means that the D-RAM refresh test has been expanded. At this stage the circuit is bad in the RAM or motherboard.
motherboard Computer Error Beep coding

Two beep
If two consecutive beeps are heard, then it means that there is a parity error in RAM in the motherboard, to re-arrange the RAM correctly.

Three beep
If three consecutive beeps are heard, it means. This means that there is a malfunction in RAM.

Four beep
Four times the beep is heard when the system timer does not work in the motherboard or if RAM is defective.

Five beep
If the CPU socket and the CPU is damaged in the motherboard or if the CPU is not correctly fired, five beeps are heard.

Six beep
Because the keyboard controller is bad or the keyboard does not look correct in the socket, there are six beeps.

Seven beep
When the seven beeps are heard, change the micro processor. This beep is heard when bad happens.

Eight beep
This beep is heard when the display card is defective.

Nine beep
This beep is heard in the motherboard when it gets worse.

Ten beep
This is a beep when the SIMOS RAM is defective.

 Eleven beep
If the beep is repeated for eleven consecutive times then the cash memory is damaged. The cache memory is in the microprocessor.

A long and three small beep
Memory is bad when such a beep arrives.
A long and eight little beep
If the display card or video card will not be connected correctly. Or if this is bad, then such a beep will be heard.
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