How to use your Android device as a mouse, keyboard, and joystick

How to use your Android device as a mouse, keyboard, and joystick

Sitting in the café and working away from your office has become common now, but often the contents of your desk should be attached to you. Who is it that wants to take a mouse and keyboard with your weighty laptop? While many people use keyboards and touchpads on their laptops, adding wireless keyboards and mouse is more ergonomic, and for many, it is easy to use them.

But do you know that you no longer need to carry keyboards and mouse with laptops? Yes, you can now use your Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi mouse, remote control, and keyboard!

By connecting your smartphone to your PC, you can control music and video playback, including volume adjustment, the PC can type from your smartphone and input the password. Not only that, you can navigate to the documentation and the web.

It is also easy if you want to mirror your screen while doing a presentation. If the touchpad of your laptop is broken or not working then it is also convenient to turn your phone into a mouse. All you need is a mobile app and desktop server app.

PC Remote:

This free app can turn your phone into not only a mouse or keyboard but also in joystick, gamepad, media controller and more. It's great for gamers, but options such as text transfers and presentation modes provide additional opportunities.

For this, you have to install this app on your desktop and mobile. After this, they both will work together and it is easy to set up.

There is no need to sign up for this, just click the download button from the link below on your PC.

Download: Monet

You will need to extract the contents of the zip file and then a file named MonectHost will need to be launched.

One of its server software will be installed on your PC.

Use Android As Mouse Keyboard Joystick Hindi
After that install this app on your mobile or tablet.

Download from Google Play: PC Remote

to connect:

For this, you should ensure that your phone and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

This app automatically detects the PC on which you have installed its software.

Use Android As Mouse Keyboard Joystick Hindi
As soon as you tap on the name of your PC, the connection between your smartphone and the PC will be established in just a few seconds.

Once connected, you will see that you are in Touchpad mode by default.

Use Android As Mouse Keyboard Joystick Hindi
Touchpad mode Your phone is in a laptop-style trackpad with the right scrollbar. In this mode, you can also access 3D mouse mode which enables you to move the cursor using your phone as a laser pointer.

Tap on the three pointing menus of the top right.

Use Android As Mouse Keyboard Joystick Hindi
You can see the Typewriter keys and Function keys. They are all modes in which you can use your phone as a keyboard.

Use Android As Mouse Keyboard Joystick Hindi
It can be easy if your keyboard is broken and you need a temporary replacement, or you want to use a laptop or keyboard without any pad.

The remaining three modes, PowerPoint, Browser, and Media are ideal when your computer is connected to a large screen, projector or TV. Each mode has a touchpad area and mouse buttons.
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