What is Telnet? Can it still be used?

What is Telnet Can it still be used

While surfing the Internet, you have read the word Telnet. Some users have done something fun, while other users will still be using it because they always remember the past and they love the old days.

Those of you who do not know what Telnet is and what is its suitability in the modern Internet, they should read this article.

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Telnet meaning

Meaning of Telnet Terminal Network

What is telnet?

Telnet is a network protocol, which communicates with a network connected device using a command line interface.

Telnet is a simple, text-based network protocol used to access remote computers on the Internet such as TCP / IP networks.

Telnet is the most used for remote-management, but sometimes for initial setup of certain devices, especially network hardware like Switches, Access Point etc.

On the Web, HTTP and FTP protocols you can request for specific files from a remote computer, but are not actually logged in as users of that computer. With Telnet, you log in as a regular user, and you have the privilege of accessing the specific application and data of a computer.

Telnet was created and launched in 1969, and historically speaking, you can say that this was the first internet.

In the olden days, you had to go to the server to use your data. This means, apart from the other things, you had to spend a lot of time traveling to the server and then you had to wait for your turn to work with the server. Even if there were hardware power to do many things at the same time in the server, but you had blocked it from using it completely and you had to wait for others to finish their work Was there. In many situations you could not even touch the server.

Telnet brought extraordinary changes in the process. It was meant to be used that multiple users can now connect simultaneously to a server. To connect to the server, users only need access to the terminal, which can be the easiest and cheapest computer available. This computer was not required to create Powerful hardware, only a network connection and a text-based interface was required. In fact, their telnet clients were like a command prompt, which people could use to work with their servers. This led to a huge increase in productivity.

How does telnet work?

Telnet was used mainly on terminals or dumb computers. These computers only need one keyboard because everything on the screen is displayed in the form of text. There was no graphical user interface with modern computers and operating systems like today.

The terminal provides a way to log in to the other device, as if you are sitting in front of it and using it as another computer. This communication is done through Telnet.

Nowadays, Telnet can be used with virtual terminal or terminal emulator, which is a modern computer that communicates with the same telnet protocol.

An example of this is the Telnet command, which is available at the command prompt in Windows. Telnet is a command that uses the Telnet Protocol to communicate with a remote device or system.

The Telnet command can also be executed on other operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Unix, just like you do in Windows.

Telnet is not similar to other TCP / IP protocols, such as HTTP, which allows you to transfer files from a server; instead, you are logged into a Telnet protocol on a server such as you are a virtual user, and you are direct Controls and files and applications get all the rights.

Telnet is a protocol that connects you to remote computers (host) on the TCP / IP network (like Internet). Using the Telnet client software on your computer, you can make connections to the Telnet server (i.e. remote host). Once your Telnet client establishes a connection to the remote host, then your client becomes a virtual terminal, so that you can communicate with your computer from a remote host. In most cases, you must log in to the remote host, for which you must have an account on that system. Occasionally, you can login without an account, without an account, in the guest or public form.

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 Example of Telnet 

The command line telnet clients have been created in most versions of MacOS, Windows, Unix, and Linux. To use these clients, go to their respective command lines (i.e., Terminal Application in MacOS, Shell in Unix or Linux, or DOS Prompt in Windows) and then type this command:

telnet host port

Replace the host with the service address, and the port on which this service is run (i.e., 80 for http) its port number

 What are the Telnet Client and Telnet Server in Windows?
In Windows, you can add two Telnet related features:

1) Telnet Server:

If you install this feature, you will be able to configure your Windows computer to run as a Telnet server. This means that your computer will accept incoming connections and allow others to use it. If you have a public IP address and Firewall is not blocking it, then anyone in the world can remote control your computer using the Telnet client.

2) Telnet Client:

It connects via telnet to any telnet server using a command prompt window.

 Are Telnet Safe To Use?

Although Telnet was great, when it was invented and revolutionized the use of technology, there are some flaws in it, the worst of them is that it is not safe! Telnet sends and receives data in plain text without any encryption.

This means that whenever you are connected to Telnet server, your personal data such as your username and password will be transmitted in clear text. Anyone who knows how to use which app to access a network connection can see this data being transmitted.

In fact, that user can only be a madman, who is trying to use Telnet for any serious things such as transmitting valuable information or administering business servers.

When this protocol was invented, we did not have high bandwidth internet, many hackers, malware creators. It was first used by closed-network institutions which were providing control access to their servers via Telnet. At that time, encryption was not in the list of anyone's requirements.

But today, Telnet is the most insecure protocol that you can use to transmit data.

Telnet zero provides file transfer encryption, which means all data transfers made on Telnet are passed in clear text. Anyone who monitors your network traffic can see both your username and password when you log on to the Telnet server.

These days, if a telnet server is brought online and the public is connected to the internet, then it is very likely that anyone will find it and hack it.

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The fact is that Telnet is unsafe and should not be used. But for average computer users, this should not be a matter of concern.

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 Is Telnet still used?

Telnet is rarely used to connect to the device or system today.

Most devices can now be configured and managed through web base interfaces which are more secure and easy to use than Telnet.

Now that you know little about Telnet and you know that this is a very unsafe protocol, then look at some real-life uses, which are still done:

To access the old school's servers, which insist on using this protocol for remote connections.

It may be used to connect to some network devices such as old school Cisco Routers. You can configure it with the help of Telnet client.

People still use Telnet, and the main reason for this is for fun. You can watch movies in full-text, play games.

 How to Use Telnet in Windows:

Although Telnet is not a safe way to communicate with any other device, you can still get one or two reasons to use it.

But unfortunately, you can not use the Telnet command by simply opening a command prompt window. In Windows you have to enable it.

 Enabling Telnet Client in Windows:

In Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, the Telnet Client must be turned on with Windows Features in the Control Panel.

The Windows Feature Option can be found in the Programs and Features section of Control Panel. From the Windows Feature window, select Telnet Client and then click OK to enable it.
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