The Art of Selfie: How To Take A Good Selfie

Good Selfie

National Selfie Day is coming on June 21! Selfie Day is celebrated annually since June 21, 2014. So why not just remove your cell phone, take yourself a selfie and have a great holiday that these selfies post to the internet? After all, millions of people all over the world are probably doing the same job - whether they want to leave or not.

There is no doubt that whenever you go out beforehand, they are sharing their own selfies online ... but are they really good?

Selfie removal is a fun way to show your self-confidence, personality and fashion sense to the world. From the presidents to the Academy Award winners, almost everyone is doing it. But just do not take a shot by pointing your face to your camera just by planning - taking a catching selfie is also an art so that your friends like to see it in their feed.

So today 10 tips for taking Osam Selfie, which will make you a celebrity!

 Tip 1: Use a smartphone with a good quality camera
When it comes to smartphones, not all cameras are equal.

Some older models do not even have front cameras. And if you are, then you can do it like editing the self after doing it, but perhaps it is not a hide-out factor that your camera is not so good.

Next time you choose your next smartphone, pay attention to the camera features and quality. Now some Android specials come with a camera made for selfies.

 Tip 2: Make sure the lights are appropriate
A photo of lighting can have a great effect.

How many selfies have you seen where there is so little light that everything looks dark and orange and stained? very? Maybe. So do not make one of your selfies!

Try to take your selfie in a well-lit room or in natural light. After that you may need to adjust your phone's camera settings to look just right.

Tip 3: Look at the camera.
As you are doing this, increase your eyebrows to show your eyes bigger. Then, think of something that really smiles you, this will create the genuine happiness that shines in your selfie.

 Tip 4: Do not force the expression of your face
It can be difficult, but with your smile or your eyes or the way you hold your phone in your hand, by doing more of these things you can go to the message that you are working very hard.

You might have to practice some practice to show yourself a natural, but it is of great use.

Remember some good moments that brings natural smiles to your face. This can help you focus your focus on the camera and the chances of catching the actual smile are greatly increased.

Tip 5: Experiment with different angles
Finding an angle that is right, can actually change your selfie.

Not all faces look best from one side or an angle, so experiment to know what is the best angle.

Most people look better when the camera is slightly higher than their head, then go ahead and try it too.

Tip 6: Do not worry about your head in the air.
While your face should be shown in the photo, do not worry about it in the shot. Unless your main features are coming to Selfie - including hair! It's okay to lose a side of the forehead, some parts of the chin, or even a side of your head.

It is also okay to lose your forehead. This is a useful option when you are taking selfie with a friend and you both want a way of getting into one shot.

 Tip 7: Use the timer
This is a very important aspect of taking selfies, which many people ignore. While you may find that timer is more useful for selfie with friends than solo shots.

Eventually, the timer does not require you to say "pause", because the smartphone's display will now be a countdown timer.

How many times have you taken such a selfie in which you were watching your nose, not the camera? Most camera apps have a timer function, so use it, especially if you are using a selfie stick.

Tip 8: Download an app in which you can edit your selfie
There are so many great apps on the Play Store that control all the best tuning for you - to contrast and brightness to smoothing skin and sharpening blurriness.

 Tip 9: Use Easy Editing and Filter Effects
Choosing a Funky App Filter can be really attractive that turns your selfies into an Osm photo. Sometimes they can work, but the next time they do not really, and people now understand the difference between real and fake. So editing your selfie a lot is not a good thing. You do not want people to tell you that you are editing your selfies as crazy.

Tip 10: Enjoy and do not take your self seriously
Taking Selfie is a form of the art of the mobile age. Remember that this is just a selfie, so do not stress too much on it!

You can not please everyone, even if your selfie is so good.

 If you are looking at your selfie game, then note how other people take their selfies. You can come up with some ideas and try some different techniques because you take inspiration from others.

Take your selfies in a good way and remember that the most natural looking photos are generally considered to be the best.
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