Drones can help to remove the herd from birds

Drones can help to remove the herd from birds

Scientists have developed an algorithm through which the drone can be flown in such a way that it will help to remove the herd of birds from the fixed air region without breaking the formation of their group.

The Imperial College in the UK + and the California Institute of Technology researchers in the US studied using the Robotic Drone to divert the flock of birds from fixed areas like the airport.

The team of researchers prepared an algorithm based on the antithesis of the group of birds and the behavior of the group's behavior at the time of the crisis. The team successfully used their Robotic Drones in South Korea + to turn the flock of birds in the fixed air region.

David Hianchul Shim, a professor of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAISST), said that keeping an eye on the situation of danger, how it behaves collectively, by looking at the situation while watching it.

He said, the behavior of the herd and their interaction were kept in mind. In this way, the algorithm helped to create the ideal path for the drone.

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