What is Instagram Reels And how to use it? Instagram Reels Features in 2020 


Instagram has launched a short video feature called Reels in India. The new feature allows users to create videos on the App, add creative filters and music, and share beyond their regular followers, said Vishal Shah of the product's Facebook. Reels is similar to Tik tok and allows users to create 15-second videos with popular songs, trends or challenges. After having Tik tok ban, there are many apps which are becoming popular and if you are looking for an app like Tik tok, then you may like Instagram Reels. Using Instagram's new feature reels, you can create short videos, add filters and music as well.

What is Instagram Reels And how to use it?

On 29 June 2020, the Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps. Tik tok was also included among all these apps. Photo sharing app Instagram has launched Instagram reels, a 15-second video sharing feature in India, after TIK TOK was banned.Instagram has launched its new short video feature Reels to counter Tik tok as an alternative to Tik tok in India. In this service of Instagram, users will get many features like Tik tok. On Instagram reels, users can record a 15-second video. Also, like Tik tok, you can add music and various clips of your choice. 

What is Instagram Reels Features?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, releasing its newest short form video-sharing feature, Reels in India. Users with Instagram Reels can create a short 15-second video to which they can add various effects, filters, and audio and share them with Followers on their feed.The latest Instagram Reels feature is similar to the Tiktok App as it allows its users to create short 15-second video clips with various editing tools and special effects. Now, if you want to try the Instagram latest Reel feature, you can use this article as a reference. Here is a step by step guide that you can use on Instagram Reels.

Instagram reels features - features of reels, special features

  • There is no need to download this Instagram reels app separately.
  • This short video can be made easily.
  • In this, you can easily make a short 15 second video and share it.
  • Apart from sharing videos on Instagram, Direct can also be sent to their friends.
  • You can control the speed of video videos in reels, like tick talk.
  • Users will also get 'Duet' feature.
  • You will be able to change the background of the video.

How to make Instagram Reels?

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • After the Instagram app is open, tap on the camera icon in the left side corner. 
  • On tapping the camera, you will see the option of Live, Story and Reels.
  • Now you click on the Reels option. After that many options will open in front of you like you can record video with audio, add filters, set video speed, and also set time duration.
  • Now, click on the white button at the bottom of the screen to start the video recording. 
  • Tap the music icon to add audio. (You can choose your favorite music from Instagram's music library.
  • You can also add effects to your reels video with the help of smiley icon. Here you are given a lot of video filter effects.
  • You can adjust the speed of the video by clicking on the fast forward icon. With this option you can set the recording speed of your video (0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x).  

 How to share Instagram Reels?

Once your Instagram reel is ready, go to the share screen, where you can save your reel in drafts, change the cover image, add captions and hashtags, and tag your friends.

Now you can share your reels with your followers or you can share your reels in Explore, from where you can get more views. Apart from this, when you share reels, you must use hashtags so that when someone clicks on that hashtags, your video will also be visible.

In this article, I told you about Instagram reels, after reading that you must have got complete information about Reels: Instagram Reels And how to use it? Instagram Reels Features and How to Share Instagram Reels?

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