Justdial is a pioneer listing service in India that has been in business since 1996. The listing search platform maximizes revenue through search engine listings and indexing for popular searches and services in specific cities in India.

Justdial Gets Delisted from Google Search Index Temporarily – Will this Happen Again?

On June 20, technicians were rudely shocked to learn that Justdial had left Google. The news put investors in a difficult situation, considering that investors' reactions could have a detrimental effect on Just Dial's stock price.
Justdial's stock reappeared at INR 764, and such news could be bad news for companies and investors.
Earlier this year, Justdial was informed of a massive data breach that resulted in a massive 100 million account leaks from user databases.
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Justdial’s share price has made a resurgence to INR 764 and such a news could be really bad news for the company and its investors.
Removing Outdated Content from Google Search 2 Replies
I have raised a request to remove outdated content on Google's tool but the request is getting denied for no reason.
I had my business information updated on Justdial ( A yellow page website) which i got it removed.
Still, when I search on google, it shows me the website in its cached search. All the information is displayed in the short description. When I click on the link it directs to Justdial search of my business, where it finds no content.

How do I get my business information and description coming from Justdial removed from Google Search?
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