What is CAPTCHA? And how does it work?

What is CAPTCHA? And how does it work?

CAPTCHA Information Hindi When we go to any website to create an account or write a comment in a blog, then you see some Scrabble words that you have to type by looking at and they are called CAPTCHA.

Almost every one of us would have typed it before using the Internet, but do you know what they are and why are they used?

Captcha Meaning:

CAPTCHA is basically a program that prepares tests and grades that can pass only humans but not computers. For example, humans can read disorganized text shown below, but can not read existing computer programs.

In simple words, CAPTCHA is a word verification test that only humans can read and confirm. But any computer-generated program cannot read it and cannot verify it.

Why CAPTCHA was developed?

Generally, there are several spam programs for the purpose of increasing rank in search engines, which automatically gives a comment on a blog. In addition, many companies like Yahoo, Microsoft offer free email service. A few years ago, many of these services were called "boats" suffering from a particular type of attack and automatic sign-ups were used to sign up for thousands of email accounts.

Therefore CAPTCHA was developed for more security needs.


To block spam comments in blogs - Using CAPTCHA, only humans can enter comments on a blog.
Using Website Protecting - CAPTCHA ensures that only a person can register and stop the abuse of the automated program.
Online Polls - Can Any Online Survey Results Be Reassured? Unless it is confirmed that only humans can vote.
Prevention of Directory Attacks - CAPTCHA is used to prevent directory attacks in password systems.
Search engine bots - Do not enter the bots on the website. In order to be truly guaranteed, CAPTCHA is needed.
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