With WiFi Hacker Ultimate you are not going to steal a WiFi network or hack the Internet but you can make your friends believe that you are like Mr Robot

Hey Guys, in this post we will tell you about how can you download and Install WiFi hacker ultimate APK on your phone. Every person want a smartphone with all the amazing features like music, camera, video and last but not the least the good internet compatibility. Now as everyone knows the newer generation want everything fast and convenient, so who else does not wants a high speed internet connection. And the time is usage of 4G internet connection that allows you to excess to every file with an ease of gesture and no time you file gets download whether it be song, video, latest game or even a movie.

But are the data usage price are affordable for every person the answer is quite obvious that it isn’t so how manage and deal with such issues. The answer is quite simple how about getting access to the wifi available in your neighbourhood whether that person is known or not. But the question arises is how do get that to the password which is not known by us. The solution is to hack the password by using application and coding but is it is a simple process? You may be knowing about the complications of such work. so , how to reach to the solution , don’t worry just stay with us and we will try to give solution.

Download Wifi Hacker Ultimate APK

App link is here Download WiFi Hacker Ultimate  

How to Install Wifi Hacker Ultimate APK on Android:

How to Install Wifi Hacker Ultimate APK

Before installation you need to follow these step to initialise the procedure with any hindrance

1. Go to settings but drag and dropping the home screen.

2. Click on the security.

3. Tick on the button of allow apps from unknown sources.

Note: device will give you warning regarding the security of the device, you have to click ok for the installation of the application.

You can also follow the screenshot for better idea of installation.

#Installation is a very simple process , all you need to do is open the APK and accept the terms and conditions and you are good to go for the using this application.

How to use WiFi Hacker Ultimate APK

To start using this application and how it works is not so difficult to understand and use. Since the user interface of the application is quite simple and points straight towards the approach, all you have to do is as followed.

1. Open the application, you will option the main menu where you will find many options.

2. Click on start scanning to start with, there will see the list of the all the networks           available in your area, whether they be visible or hidden.

3. Click on the most prefered one and the application will try decoding the password.

4. After , completion of the decoding a pop up will appear, with password of the wifi.
Click on copy and you paste that password, when you try to connect to that wifi zone.

This application works on most the password, but it depends on the type of the security you are trying to decode. It may differ and success rate is still questionable. Still all together it is a fun app to trick your friend and ending up stealing their password from themselves.

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