How to get a free SSL certificate?How to Setup Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate Bloger/Wordpress 2021 steps to setup Cloudflare free flexible SSL with free CDN and DNS and make your WordPress site load faster. If you have a question regarding Cloudflare free SSL . Cloudflare Free flexible SSL Certificate and CDN for your WordPress /Blogger website to improves loading time then Cloudflare is the best choice ..A website that has SSL certificate and loads faster, ranks higher in the search engine result page.

SSL Certificate for Free

Free flexible SSL and the Cloudflare full SSL?

This Artical will focus on how to get a free SSL certificate for GoDaddy, Hostinger or other web hosting providers using Cloudflare. I'll show you how to get and install the Cloudflare flexible SSL and the Cloudflare full SSL. Everything is completely free and works for a lifetime.

How to Get Cloudflare SSL Certificate??

 Follow these below mentioned simple steps to create a free SSL certificate with Cloudflare:-

Step 1 – First Google for Cloudflare on your chrome browser and create an account by signing up with your email id.

 Step 2 – Add your site to Cloudflare. While adding your site you must see a free plan option at the dashboard. Go and select that straight way.

 Step 3 – Your website will be added to Cloudflare. Now in next step you will be asked to change your nameservers. 

Step 4 – In this step, you need to log in to the dashboard of the domain name provider from where you bought your domain name, for example, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Siteground, Bluehost, etc. 

Step 5 – For example, your domain is from GoDaddy. Then once you log in to your GoDaddy account. Go to the DNS setting of the domain you added to Cloudflare and change your nameserver from default to Cloudflare custom nameservers. 

Step 6 – Once you had changed the GoDaddy nameserver from the default of Cloudflare. Switch to the Cloudfare and click on the continue button. 

Step 7 – Now login to your WordPress website dashboard and Install and activate a plugin called “Cloudflare Flexible SSL”.

 Step 8 – Now in this final step we will enable SSL on our WordPress site. Go to the Cloudflare dashboard. Select the lock icon and scroll down to search for the always use HTTPS tab. Click it to enforce HTTPS on your site. 

Now your site is secured and an SSL certificate is installed on it using Cloudflare ..

Cloudflare Full SSL Encryption For Free??

 However, if you want to encrypt the information between the user and your server, not just Cloudflare you'll need to install what's called a Full Free SSL. Here's what you need to do. 

 1. Go into your Cloudflare account, click on SSL/TLS tab and change the encryption from "Flexible" to "Full". 

2. Click on "Origin Server" and click "Create Certificate" then click "Next"..

 3. Copy and paste the certificate information in the SSL/TLS tab of your web hostinger provider (I've used cPanel and Hostinger in the video).

 4. Visit to find the CA bundle. 

5. And simply click on "Install" everything will be working within a couple of minutes.

6. Done !! 

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