Latest Download Page of EPSON L380 Resetter.Hello everyone welcome back my website. Learn About Epson Printers Problems And Solution How To solve Problems Easily  This Post I am Sharing About Printer Reset So Careful Watch My Post. In This Post I Explain Clearly when printer Showing Errors All Led Lights Blinking On Printer Or Service Required Error when Printing And Not Any More Documents Printing printer Not Working Properly How To Solve Both Are Problems ? Don't Worry We Have Solution Here Printer Need To Reset Required  ( Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset ) Download Epson L380 Resetter Zip File /adjustment program free download .Epson l380 service required Showing How to Do It ? Now I Can Explain How To Reset Epsonl380?How to Reset Read Continue....

EPSON L380 Resetter Download Free

Epson  Modes ( L-Series) Ink printers Error When Showing All Light Blinking Or "Service Required" Error in Computer Problem Waste Ink Pad Counter Reached end Of Service Reset Required to Like that Epson L220 Printer Reset wast Ink Pad Counter (6500 prints Reached The Printer . epson resetter l310

Epson l380 service required

How do I reset the Epson printer with the Epson Reset Tool? Today you can download the Epson L380 Reset Tool from here. When experiencing Epson L380 Printer service required’ or ‘Red Lights are Continuous flashing, you can eliminate most of this problem by using the Epson L380 Reset Tool. You must take care of this issue with the Epson L380 reset device or change program. You can download the Epson L380 Resetter adjustment program tool from our site and the ways to reset the printer are shown below.

Epson l380 resetter/adjustment program free download

Download Epson L380 Resetter adjustment program (Tuning Program) Ink pads (Cushions), Reset Utility, and Troubleshoot. At that point restart the flood, reset the prosperity counter and energize your printer. The clarity behind doing this as Epson proposes is that your ink cushions are full and need to be replaced. I reset the Epson printer like the Epson seller guarantees and the ink cushions have not been replaced. This shows that you really need to quit programming to restart

Important Note: This problem arises when Waste Ink Pad is full. With the help of EPSON L380 Resetter, you will able to Turn On your printer. But it is recommended that clean or change the Waste Ink Pad also. Otherwise, it will overflow. It can cause your printer damage.

How To Download Epson L380 resetter/adjustment program free

* At Fast Download Epson l380 resetter toll Click Here  /   Link - 2

*Unzip / Extract the Epson L360 Resetter Tool zip file into a folder. 

*If you don’t have an unzipper software on your computer then download and install WinRaR software.

*  Disable Antivirus Temporarily in Windows Defender 

*Turn off / Disable your antivirus protection for a while. You may turn it on after you have done the following steps: (If this step doesn’t perform properly then Adjprog.exe might get deleted by your antivirus

* In the Epson L360 extracted folder double click ‘Adjprog.exe’ to run the program

*The first screen of the Epson Adjustment Program will appear. On this screen click ‘Select

*Select the ‘Model Name’ of your printer from the drop down options

*Select the ‘Port’ to which Epson L360 printer is connected

*After selecting both Model Name and Port, click ‘OK

*Now select ‘Particular adjustment mode

*In the ‘Maintenance’ section of the list choose ‘Waste ink pad counter’, and click ‘OK

*This will open the Waste ink pad counter screen. In this window click on ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox, then click ‘Check’.

*You will see a pop-up saying ‘Reading now…’ don’t cancel this pop-up and let it complete the operation.

*Now you will be able to see various scores in front of the main ink pad counter. The scores will be in points and percentage. What you have to do next is to make some of these readings ZERO

*Again click on the Main pad counter checkbox and this time select ‘Initialize

*A pop-up message will appear saying ‘When the OK button is clicked, the counter will be initialized’. Click ‘OK’.

*Pop-up message will appear displaying ‘Initializing now…’ don’t cancel it

*A pop-up message appears stating ‘Please turn off the printer.’ Now, turn off the printer, then click on ‘OK’.

*Next pop-up message says ‘Please reboot the printer.’ Now, restart your printer and then click ‘OK’.

*Click ‘Finish’ Done!!!

* List Time You must recheck whether Main pad counter readings have become zero or not. For that, you should again select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ option in ‘Maintenance’ section and click ‘OK’.

*click ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and then click ‘Check’.

*‘Reading now…’ pop-up will appear. Don’t cancel it

*As shown in the picture below, both fields of the main pad counter should show ‘0’ after checking has been performed. If it doesn’t show zero, then you should redo the steps from the start.

*Now click ‘Finish’ to complete the process and ‘Quit’ the Epson adjustment program

*Now if you try to print with your Epson L380 printer, then your computer should show no error and the pages should get printed normally.

* That’s it.

Note  - At Fast Disable Antivirus than download  

 Download Epson L380 Resetter Zip File Link 1

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